swampthing-logoLeah C Stetson created this “Strange Wetlands” series in connection with a blog called, “The Compleat Wetlander” in 2009. The creative nonfiction series has appeared on other blogs, including “Adventures of Fen Fatale” and “The Familiar Wilderness.” Posts simultaneously appeared here on the “Strange Wetlands” home blog site. The Strange Wetlands blog no longer appears on the ASWM Compleat Wetlander blog, but that’s okay! It’s all still here.

Strange Wetlands was mentioned on Maine Public Radio when Suzanne Nance dedicated one broadcast of the Classical Music Morning program to “Leah Stetson and her Strange Wetlands blog” in early 2013. All photos are attributed to Leah unless otherwise attributed to the original source. Wherever possible, photo credits are used.

I am working on a new blog logo: Alternate Strange Wetlands ST logo LCS

© 2021 by Leah C Stetson Photos and text

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