Find my poems at the following literary magazine sites:

Poem, “The Wildness of Strays” appears in the Winter 2021 Issue of Flora Fiction Literary Magazine. 

Poem, “The Curse of Xandra Flame” appears in the Fall 2021 “Hauntings” themed issue of Flora Fiction Literary Magazine.

My poem titled, “My Glacial Erratic,” received Honorable Mention in the 2020 Fish Poetry Prize. It can be found in the Fish Anthology 2020 here (It’s free via Kindle).

The Bride of Frankenstein’s Monster, On the Eve of her Wedding” is on BONED, a collection of skeletal writings, along with one of my Gothic illustrations, and in the BONED Every Which Way 2019 Anthology, available on Amazon.

My poem, “Capes and Daggers,” received Honorable Mention in the 2019 Fish Poetry Prize, and appeared in the 2019 Fish Anthology, which is available on Kindle (via Amazon).

Leonine, Lovely” appeared in Arsenic Lobster.

The Mermaid” appeared in LILA: Literature of Los Angeles.

“The Hyena Diet,” “The Ogre and the Bad-Girl,” and “The Peony and the Rose” all appeared in Wicked Alice.

If I Were an Island” appeared in New Maine Times.

This is not a complete list. I have had over 40 individual poems published but not all literary magazines have a digital publication, and some are no longer available, sadly. Please support small literary presses.

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