Listen to the Call of the Wild…on your cell phone

Have you ever wanted to toss your phone out the window because you just get so sick of hearing that same ding-dong song? Well now you can answer the call of the wild! The Center for Biological Diversity offers a new list of free cell phone ringtones available for download. If you have a cell phone, you can set the ringtone to sound like the calls of rare and endangered species, such as a beluga whale, Stephen Colbert, Jr. (the famous North American eagle), the Cascades frog of the Northwest, the crawfish frog of the southeastern U.S., the Florida panther, a Grizzly bear, screech owls, the Southwestern willow flycatcher, whooping crane and an alligator. If you want, you can organize your contact list so that each member of your family, along with a few friends and colleagues, each gets an animal call for their number. Then when you’re at the office and you suddenly hear a screech owl, you’ll know it’s your mother-in-law calling, or if you’re perusing the produce section at the supermarket and hear the haunting call of a humpback whale, you’ll know it’s your best friend calling to spout off some news. For example, I’d assign the Grizzly bear to my dad’s phone number because he reminds me of Grizzly Addams. My grandmother would get the loon and my brother, the wolf. Be careful not to assign the whooping crane to anyone you hear from often, as one “whoop” goes a long way. Also, if you download the sound of the rattlesnake, and take your cell phone hiking, be careful you don’t spook the other hikers if you expect a lot of calls. I’ve decided to download one of the owls for my cell phone, so I always know hoots calling. and

Update March 2012: Alligator and swamp sounds for your phone:

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