Bog Bodies: Not for the Faint of Stomach

I get sucked into crime television dramas-“Bones,” a show about a forensic anthropologist, is currently my favorite. One episode involved a corpse found in a bog, which had preserved the remains and helped the fictitious Dr. Brennan solve the mystery of the bog man. A simple Google search reveals that “bog bodies” are a popular topic of research and interest. Also called, “bog people,” they illicit curiosity, how did this person die? How old are the remains? Human remains left in bogs can be preserved for hundreds if not thousands of years. For example, in ancient Aztec bogs, bodies were held in place with wooden stakes; National Geographic had a special program that explored this phenomenon. There’s even a scary movie coming out this year called, “Legends of the Bog,” which takes place in rural Ireland (Note: the USA version is simply called, “Bog Bodies,” which comes out this June.) Here are a few links to sink into bogs with bodies:

Tales of the Living Dead: Bog Body and Aztec Death (National Geographic TV)

Bog Body

Preserved bodies tell the tale of ancient ‘bog people’
The Paramus Post – April 2006

Reluctant Time Travelers – Bog Bodies of Europe (1997)

“Bog bodies” (scroll down this blog for the entry about bog bodies)

Bodies of the Bog

Legends of the Bog (movie – 2009) and

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