Scavenger Hunts and Geo-Adventures

As a kid, I loved scavenger hunts. I was so gung-ho about them, I wrote riddles on scraps of paper, hid them throughout the woods in the backyard, then waited a few days to give myself time to forget the hiding places, and then went out and pretended to be on a treasure hunt. Nowadays, families have updated the traditional scavenger hunt: the geocache adventure. Families and friends can go out with hand-held GPS units and discover hidden treasures at the correct coordinates. It’s the perfect blend of mystery and technology! In Delaware, this weekend, families and friends can go out on geocaching adventures in a wetland to celebrate American Wetlands Month.

On Saturday, families are invited to take part in a Geocache Adventure put on by DNREC’s Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve. What’s a geocache adventure? Good question. “It’s a technologically advanced scavenger hunt,” said education coordinator Jennifer Holmes. Families will use handheld GPS units to find hidden treasures throughout Kent County that are related to Delaware’s wetlands. No experience is necessary.

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