Harbingers of Spring

Around my house, the snow is melting and the birds are chirping. Layers of ice peel back from the pond and I can see open water…it makes my heart sing. Everywhere I look, there are harbingers of an early spring, which we haven’t had here in Maine for a long time. Many people look for signs of spring near water or wetlands because returning waterfowl are a good indicator. Purple crocuses popping up through the soil has always been my favorite tell-tale sign. I haven’t heard any peeps yet coming from the nearest vernal pool but…

It makes me wonder if this warm spring weather will affect the activities of wood frogs and salamanders in vernal pools. This time of year, notices of vernal pool training workshops for volunteers make their way into my inbox. ASWM has posted a list of vernal pool activities happening around the country (that I have found so far) here:http://aswm.org/wetland-science/-vernal-pools Feel free to email us or leave a comment if you know of a vernal pool training workshop or monitoring event happening.

Below are some other stories about signs of spring this year.

Six Signs of Spring in the Chesapeake Regionhttp://www.chesapeakebay.net/news_sixsigns

Early signs of spring

In Vermont, Watch for harbingers of springhttp://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/article/20100306/LIVING03/3060303/Vermont-birding-Watch-for-harbingers-of-spring

Neat blog about Spring Peepers –http://beaknfeather.wordpress.com/2010/01/27/harbingers-of-spring-peepy-toads/

Our Bay: Ospreys are a sign of springhttp://www.hometownannapolis.com/news/env/2010/02/27-13/Our-Bay-Ospreys-are-a-sign-of-spring.html

Green Thumbs Up: a blog on signs of spring in wetlands-http://www.wickedlocal.com/marshfield/fun/gardening/x776893386/Green-thumbs-up-It-s-time-to-think-spring

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